21 Apr 2021

Stewardship Newsletter | Second Quarter 2021

“Giving God’s Way… Faithful Stewardship in Times of Change and Uncertainty” Thank you for being faithful stewards in your areas of service to the Kingdom.  The Mission and Culture Department

30 Mar 2021

Scenes from Holy Week – Tuesday

Matthew 21:18-22 (TPT) While walking back into the city the next morning, he got hungry. He noticed a lone fig tree by the side of the path and walked over

28 Mar 2021

Hechos de Semana Santa – Domingo de Ramos

JUAN 12:12-17 (NBV) Al día siguiente, muchos de los que habían ido a la fiesta se enteraron de que Jesús iba camino a Jerusalén.  Entonces tomaron ramas de palma y

10 Mar 2021

Pack Your Lunch – Devotional Series

Today. March 10 is Salvation Army Day, but it is also National Pack Your Lunch Day. “National Pack Your Lunch Day is celebrated every year on March 10, and it encourages everyone

17 Nov 2020

Navigating Christmas – Part 2

Simplicity in celebrating. Bigger is not always better when it comes to preparing for the holidays. We anticipate the perfect decorations, the perfect place settings, the perfectly decorated tree, and

17 Aug 2020

Harvest Festival 2020 – Korean Salvationist Ministries

This year, in connection with Harvest Festival, the territory is releasing a video with some related materials to celebrate the USA Eastern Territory’s Korean Salvationist Ministries – a remarkable example

12 Aug 2020

IKEA assembles lodge donation

A few years ago, the Swedish furniture company IKEA* employed the marketing slogan, “Home is the most important place in the world.” However, thanks to a coronavirus-related donation of $2,500

23 Jun 2020

DANCERS WANTED – Morning Disco!

We’re looking for kids to be part of the Morning Discovery music videos!  What’s Morning Discovery?  It’s only the newest, greatest Bible-based, super awesome, fun-time, kids devotional show. This series

09 Apr 2020

Easter Jam 2020

Easter Jam 2020: Easter Jam is an Easter Celebration big enough for the whole family. Everything is included for you to have a fun, memorable, and family-centered celebration around the Easter

08 Apr 2020

Easter Sunday 2020 CHILDREN’S FIVE Coloring Pages!

Download the Easter Sunday coloring pages here! Click on the images below:    

19 Mar 2020

Creating Rituals of Micro-Liturgies for Uncertain Times

For our collective safety against COVID-19, we now embrace social distancing and turn inward to cloister ourselves for an indeterminate amount of time. At the very least, our traditional and