09 Jul 2021

A day at the park

Find a new outfit and accessories to match! Lea and her daughter purchased all the items you see here at a Salvation Army thrift store for their day in the

27 May 2021

Led Home by Grace

As a young altar boy growing up in Camden, N.J., Brian Shields was introduced to alcohol by a Catholic priest. “We would drink the altar wine,” Brian recalls. “That’s what

25 May 2021

Saved to serve others

Thurston Johnson’s journey from drug dealer and homeless heroin addict to happily married homeowner isn’t necessarily unique—and that’s the whole point, he says. “My mission is to help people turn

24 May 2021

In the potter’s hand

What makes the Salvation Army’s Adult Rehabilitation (ARC) program so successful? If you ask Don Coombs, director of program development for the Salvation Army’s ARC Command that question, he says