31 Jan 2020

Kristina Hevenor

Commissioner William A. Bamford III, territorial commander, made a historic announcement at last year’s Appointment Service in Hershey, Pa. “Without soldiers,” he began, “there is no Army. To develop a

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02 Dec 2019

George Moss

Christian hip–hop artist George Moss has been using his talent to bring souls to Christ since he was 16 years old. He has toured and performed with Christian musicians such

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01 Nov 2019

General and Commissioner Peddle

As the USA Eastern Territory pursues its plan for a 2020 Vision Congress, international leaders General Brian and Commissioner Rosalie Peddle talk about inspiring situations they’ve seen, avoiding shortsightedness, and

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30 Aug 2019

Captain Danielle Hopping
(and Nadia)

In the morning when they come into the office at the Salvation Army’s Territorial Headquarters (THQ) in West Nyack, N.Y., Captain Danielle Hopping and her service dog Nadia step through

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18 Jul 2019

Brian Russell

There was a time when a church or a home was the only place Christians could find access to a Bible. Today, you can easily download Bible apps on your

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03 Jun 2019

Michelle Hannan

Michelle Hannan is the director of The Salvation Army’s Anti–Human Trafficking (AHT) Program in Central Ohio and the director of social services for the SWONEKY Division. She also leads the

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07 May 2019

Commissioner Clive Adams

During last year’s Old Orchard Beach Camp Meetings in Maine, Commissioner Clive Adams, commander of the Salvation Army’s Sweden & Latvia Territory, moved his audience with a thoughtful message entitled

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01 Apr 2019

Kennith Armstead

Kennith Armstead, the assistant corps sergeant major of the East Northport, N.Y., Corps, was recently named to the Salvation Army’s National Corrections Committee. He spent time in state prison from

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08 Feb 2019

Damien Horne

Last summer, the crowds at the Old Orchard Beach Pier may not have been aware, but one of the singer–songwriters on the stage had performed with Faith Hill, Bon Jovi,

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05 Nov 2018

Josh Wilson

Christian singer/songwriter Josh Wilson performed at this year’s Old Orchard Beach Camp Meetings in Maine. It was his first Salvation Army event. Wilson, who plays many instruments, performed the entire

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01 Oct 2018

Jamie Manirakiza

Jamie Manirakiza, who has worked in the field of anti–human trafficking for nine years, became the territory’s specialist in this area earlier this year. Before coming to Territorial Headquarters (THQ),

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31 Aug 2018

Luis Enrique Rodríguez

Luis Enrique Rodríguez has produced and directed films and videos for over 25 years. He started his career in Puerto Rico behind the camera shooting music videos and TV commercials

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