02 Aug 2021

Volunteer Spotlight: Rev. Carmen Rivera

Born and raised in New York, Rev. Carmen Rivera had known of The Salvation Army her whole life. But when she became involved in the fight against human trafficking, she

30 Jul 2021

What do you really want?

As you read the question above, you may be a parent who juggles a myriad of responsibilities for your children and household.  You may possibly be up to your eyeballs

29 Jul 2021

Let’s take this outside!

When Massachusetts authorities declared a state of emergency due to COVID-19, Captains Isael and Brenda Gonzalez were away, taking some pre-planned time off to celebrate Captain Brenda’s birthday. When they

28 Jul 2021

The Last Hopeless Day

For the first 17 years of Gloria Carney’s life, her father’s sobriety remained a distant dream. She literally described him as a “raging alcoholic.” “He was sometimes a very functioning

27 Jul 2021

Ring those July bells

The iconic red kettles were out this month in Lima, Ohio, as The Salvation Army took part in the Christmas in July campaign. Paul Downing, the operations manager in Lima,

26 Jul 2021

Rescued for a Reason

When LaTanya Carter ran away from her Hillside, N.J., home at age 13, she had no idea how rocky the road ahead would be. As a juvenile runaway, she was

23 Jul 2021

More than a shelter

The people of Sidney, Ohio, have longed for an emergency homeless shelter in their community. The Mercy Mission House that is now under construction will provide that service and so

22 Jul 2021

Spiritual by Nature

Helping people to see life in a broader sense is something that’s important to both my wife Pat and me. Sometimes she’ll say, “You posted too many things on Facebook

21 Jul 2021

Rise from the Ashes

Recent national and world events with respect to social, racial, and political unrest have in some ways hindered and in other ways helped the spirit of reconciliation among our diverse

19 Jul 2021

Uniting faith, film, and family

After two decades of experience in ministry and media, Tim Gray launched Gray Media in 2004. Transitioning from traditional media into the streaming era, Gray Media represents many of the largest churches and nonprofits and

19 Jul 2021

When Children Can be Children

Like many grade schools, high schools, and colleges, Sunday schools have adapted to significant changes due to COVID–19 restrictions. They have fewer meetings and far shorter time periods than do

16 Jul 2021

Recharging the Soul

Chris Farrand, the Salvation Army’s regional Emergency Disaster Services (EDS) director for Massachusetts and Southern New England, talks about recognizing a sign from God, visiting COVID–19 patients in hotels, and