28 Apr 2021

Not her grace, but God’s

Alex struggled in a pit of despair as she first connected to The Salvation Army Oil City Worship and Service Center’s Pathway of Hope (POH) program. She was fed up,

26 Apr 2021

‘Don’t Drop the Mic’ offers sound advice

“Communication, no matter how eloquent or effusive it may be, is incomplete if understanding isn’t achieved,” says Bishop T.D. Jakes, author of a new book entitled Don’t Drop the Mic.

23 Apr 2021

Ralph and Charlie: preachers on a mission

When Ralph Capoano and Charlie Kerr walk into a Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center, (ARC), they use their credible voices to speak hope and understanding into the hearts and minds

21 Apr 2021

Fishing in God’s creation

Everyone has that special place to draw near to God. For Major Rob Kramer, it’s when he’s out fishing in his kayak on one of the rivers, lakes or streams

19 Apr 2021

Thrifting for Earth Day

Captain Mark Ferreira is passionate about saving the planet and saving souls for Christ. He gets to do both as administrator of the Salvation Army’s Family Store in Brockton, Mass.

16 Apr 2021

A good day, every day

Five years ago, high school student Ke–Shon Riley became a volunteer at the Salvation Army’s after–school program in York, Pa. That’s because, over time, the program became a home away

15 Apr 2021

An encore in Trenton

Music has always been part of Alan Porchetti’s life. After his family immigrated to the United States from Argentina, he learned to play music at The Salvation Army. As a

14 Apr 2021

On the front lines of education

On any given school day at the Salvation Army’s Westside Worship and Service Center in Pittsburgh, Pa., students are quiet, focused, and hard at work in multiple classrooms where social

14 Apr 2021

Digital Edition: Volume 7 No. 1, 2021

It is our pleasure to announce the re-release of SAConnects Magazine. During the suspension of producing the magazine, the editorial and design teams in the Communications Department, here at THQ,

09 Apr 2021

Breaking Good: From crystal meth to God’s miracle

“I never realized how it was gonna unfold, but my world then came down to nothing,” said Shelly Lynn Peters. “I thought, If I could go back and do life

07 Apr 2021

Helping kids survive college

Just about everyone knows the essentials of college life: a grab-and-go breakfast, easy-to-make pasta dinners, and in today’s world, a supply of hand sanitizer. The Salvation Army’s Monessen, Pa., Worship

05 Apr 2021

A martial arts ministry

Six years ago, Daniel Young, a karate sensei (teacher) and fifth degree black belt, was looking for a facility to use as a dojo, or a room to teach martial