11 Nov 2020

Welcome to ‘Dreamsville, USA’

The exploits of The Salvation Army’s World War I donut girls are well-known, but you may have missed the story about some lesser-known Salvationists who fed the troops in Ohio

24 Sep 2020

The 1918 Flu Pandemic

Devastation is the only way to describe what The Salvation Army faced in the days leading up to the 1918 flu pandemic and during it. Imagine: the First World War

11 Mar 2020

The New Woman — 1886–1896

Excerpted from Red–Hot and Righteous: The Urban Religion of The Salvation Army A standing–room–only crowd packed the auditorium at The Salvation Army’s National Headquarters. Listeners filled every seat in the

19 Jul 2019

Effective Activism, Innovative Evangelism

VISIT The Salvation Army USA Eastern Territory 440 West Nyack Road, West Nyack, NY 10994 845–620–7228

05 Jun 2019

Visionaries for Freedom

Since our inception, The Salvation Army has been a pioneer in combatting sex trafficking. Our founder William Booth believed that to serve the oppressed, we must fight on the frontlines

01 Apr 2019

The history of Sunday school

In the 1780’s, poor children in England were more likely to be found working 12–hour shifts on dangerous factory jobs than at comfortable desks in nicely–appointed classrooms. Well into the

13 Mar 2019

Breaking Barriers
in the New York Staff Band

It’s been 33 years since Lori Jackson Laidlaw and Lauren Garell became the first women members of the New York Staff Band (NYSB). Both said they were proud and honored

01 Jun 2018

Lady of Distinction

Barbara Bush remembered In a ceremony in Houston, Texas on April 21, 2018, Barbara Pierce Bush, known as one of the Salvation Army’s fiercest advocates, was laid to rest at