17 Dec 2018


It can be a teenager’s dread, seeing an adult soldier come towards the youth, slumping in the back row during a prayer meeting. Ah!  Fishing. 1:1 prayer. 1:1 evangelism. 1:1

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05 Nov 2018

Fire A Volley

“Praise the Lord!” “Amen!” “Hallelujah!”  These congregational shouts can warm a preacher’s heart. Indeed, they may even be solicited with a coaxing, “Fire A Volley!” The concept touches on military

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01 Oct 2018


It makes for stirring pageantry–uniformed people standing in front of banners, receiving orders, and publicly binding themselves to mission. It happens in plush auditoriums. It happens in humble outposts. Commissioned—it’s

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31 Aug 2018

Mercy Seat

It is a sight that moves the Salvationist heart—a mercy seat, with people, kneeling, praying.  Designed, even named, as a “place” where people “meet with God,” it can be atop

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05 Jul 2018

Have a Word

Arguably, it is the phrase that birthed The Salvation Army. “Would anybody like to have a word?” said the leader of the street meeting outside the squalid Blind Beggar pub

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02 Jun 2018

Our People

Standing before a Victorian Gin House with its brutish smells, sounds, and sights proved the unlikely setting for a genius act of parenting by William Booth to his young son,

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02 May 2018

Open Air

It’s a staple community scene—the ringed circle of dutiful uniformed people, flag, brass, drum, children, man, and dog. It evokes nostalgia, respect, and bemusement. In the beginning, of course, it

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02 Apr 2018

War Cry

Sold in pubs and on street corners by the millions and littering corps lobbies in equal numbers, the beloved War Cry magazine stands the test of time. It’s a 139–year–old

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