28 Jul 2020

Messengers of Reconciliation

College for Officer Training, Class of 2020-2022 If you want more information about becoming a Salvation Army Officer, or finding a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, please click here to contact us.

11 Jun 2020

Counting Down the Days

The Messengers of the Kingdom are ready to follow wherever God leads. And they’ve been looking forward to it. For at least the past two years the Messengers of the

05 Jun 2020

To Him

Reflections on the Officer’s Covenant by Captain Darell Houseton, Major Shaun Belanger,  Major Jessica DeMichael, and Captain Joel Ashcraft    

28 May 2020

A different kind of together

One cadet’s perspective on how being apart can open doors to new relationship and ministry opportunities. Social distancing has not been easy, but out of this experience I have learned