CAST 2019 Reflections: How did you see God at work this summer?

We often hear people say, God works in mysterious ways. We know that God works, but do we take the time to look for Him? Do we see Him at work around us?

These are the questions the Creative Arts Service Team were asked on a weekly basis this summer:

How have you seen God at work this week?

How have you seen God at work in a fellow team member this week?

Now settled back home in their respective schools and work-life, CAST members were asked to reflect upon their summer in the same manner:

How did you see God at work this summer?

Here’s what they had to say:

  1. I remember that time God totally showed up at Columbus ARC through dance, drama, song and testimony – and we had a beautiful night of fellowship with everyone after. Followed by a very near miss with that car accident on the highway… God was definitely protecting us!
  2. Countless times. I saw him in so many different ways, and through so many different people – the kids, the team, our leaders. But the biggest way that I saw God work was through me. Going into the summer, I had a lot of anxiety about performing arts and whether or not it’s a selfish ambition. I often question if I am just pursuing acting for me; or if it’s something that God wants me to work through, for his kingdom. On the way to theater 315, I was asking myself “Why am I here? Why did God allow me to be on CAST? Is God even listening to me?” All of the anxiety and questions were running through my head. Finally, I arrived at the theater. I walked in exhausted and full of anxiety. Almost immediately, I heard Gods voice saying “Trust me. I am here” This is one of the few times I’ve heard a clear direction and reassurance from God. I haven’t felt peace like that – ever. The intense feeling I got from those 5 words, before our first show, was a reminder all summer that He was with me.
  3. Our leaders were examples of humbleness and service. I think even in the heat of anger, or in our sinful nature, someone always had their head on straight. Was this summer perfect? No. Was this summer God-filled, despite human failings? Absolutely!
  4. At the end of the Session at Camp Sebago when CAST came, one camper made a first-time commitment and accepted Jesus into her heart. Her counselor informed me that her testimony was about how much love, acceptance, and support she felt all week at Camp – especially after seeing Peter Pan.
  5. I was most amazed at the unity we experienced in CAST this summer. With fifteen people on the road, traveling from place to place, spending so much time together in vehicles, living together in close-quarters, working long hours, changing schedules, etc. these are often the ingredients that promote a lot of conflict. However, by the grace of God, we experienced a lot of love and harmony, and very little strife. It was a good feeling knowing that we not only perform well, but we also lived well. I will always remember this summer as the time I got a miraculous taste of how God wants his church to operate in the world.

How have you seen God at work this week?