CAST & Camp Sebago Changing Lives

The staff at Camp Sebago have a goal of providing a safe, loving environment for kids in the NNE division to come experience God’s creation, make new friends and discover new ways to have fun.

This summer, Camp Sebago served 863 campers from Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. Throughout the week, campers were invited to make a decision to accept Jesus in their hearts for the first time or recommit their lives to living for Him. Out of those 863 campers, 531 decided to follow Christ and many staff members recommitted their lives as well.

This summer CAST came for the day, and Sebago’s regular evening program was replaced with the sights and sounds of Neverland. Campers and staff experienced the classic story of Peter Pan.

The show ends (spoiler alert) with the Lost Boys being adopted into the Darling family; even Smee manages to sneak himself in there. All were loved and accepted; chosen to be a part of the family and leave behind their lives of solitude and make-believe. All but one. Peter

After the curtain call, CAST member and Sebago alumni, Samuel Laro, stepped forward to share a unique spin on the story of the boy who wouldn’t grow up. He said that each of us are invited into God’s family.

He pointed out that many identify with Peter, peeking in from behind a curtain, feeling alone and trapped outside the window of acceptance. He explained that we each have a choice to make, just like Peter did; to be accepted into the family of God or to walk away.

One camper, Leah, chose acceptance! Leah is 12 and from New Hampshire. She shared with her counselors that she felt love, acceptance and support from her camp experience and after the Peter Pan performance, she asked Jesus into her heart for the first time.

Leah’s story is not unique. Countless children were prayed with by CAST over their tour of Peter Pan. Many learned about the family of God for the very first time. Lives are being changed every summer through the camping ministry of the Salvation Army and their partnership with CAST. 



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*For the safety and privacy our children, camper names have been changed for this article.