Spiritual Life Development

Called to be God’s people

In this new column, the “12 Calls” written in Commissioner Robert Street’s book, Called to Be God’s People, will be explored. May this series cause us to live in the fullness of life God intended through Christ and by the Holy Spirit!
In 1996, General Paul A. Rader (Ret.) called Salvationists to form the International Spiritual Life Commission (ISLC) to reflect “on matters of belief and practice touching our very heart as a people raised up by God for His holy purposes.” Salvationists have become “a people of God,” Rader said, part of the Church universal. How then is the spiritual life of the people to be cultivated and sustained? ISLC discussed these questions, corresponding members sent papers, and other Salvationists submitted correspondence for consideration on the chosen topics. The outcome consisted of “12 Calls.”

Commissioner Robert Street wrote about the Calls in his book, Called to Be God’s People, a tool to be used by Salvationists. The 141–page document is available via free download at http://www1.salvationarmy.org/ihq/documents/called-to-be-gods-people.pdf.

This material includes explanations, questions, and scripture verses that can be utilized for personal study, group Bible studies, sermon topics, and soldiers’ meetings. Each call can be dissected, sentence by sentence, to be studied and practiced. May we Salvationists further understand who we are as a people of God. We begin with the first Call of the ISLC, the “Call to Worship.”

Call to Worship

We call Salvationists worldwide to worship and proclaim the living God, and to seek in every meeting a vital encounter with the Lord of Life, using relevant cultural forms and languages.

We affirm that God invites us to a meeting in which God is present, God speaks, and God acts.  In our meetings we celebrate and experience the promised presence of Christ with His people.  Christ crucified, risen, and glorified is the focal point, the epicenter of our worship.  We offer worship to the Father, through the Son, in the Spirit, in our own words, in acts that engage our whole being: body, soul, and mind.  We sing the ancient song of creation to its Creator, we sing the new song of the redeemed to their Redeemer.  We hear proclaimed the word of redemption, the call to mission, and the promise of life in the Spirit.

For a continuation of this article with questions and scripture, please go to www.armyonitsknees.org. There you will also find the territorial prayer requests.

by Colonel Janice Howard