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Cadet James Hughes

Cadet James Hughes

Arts In Action | Testimony Series | Cadet James Hughes

In the summer of 2010, I had the privilege of attending the Territorial Arts Ministry Conservatory (TAMC) as part of the worship track. TAMC was the first time I was exposed to the arts on such a large scale, and it opened my eyes to the many unique ways in which God can use the arts to reach His people. During that week, I made lasting friends with dancers, musicians, singers, actors, mimes, A/V team members, and many others who all have a passion for the arts and the Lord. That following school year, I was asked to do a drama monologue for an Advent Sunday by my Corps Officers, and that is where I caught the drama bug! The next school year I joined my Divisional Drama Team and later spent three summers on the Creative Arts Service Team.

Every summer I spent on CAST was the best summer ever! It was thrilling to spend the summer as part of a team who glorified the Lord with their talents, and it was especially gratifying whenever we had the chance to coach kids in the arts. When we would coach our students, there was always a focus on how the material related to our piece and how our piece related to the Lord. There is nothing in the world quite like being present when a student “gets it.” This is the moment when they have put together all that they have learned and are no longer performing, but worshipping God.

There are no words to describe the electricity that fills a room when the Spirit enters and is pleased with a student’s worship. It is AMAZING! These life-changing experiences inspired me to continue coaching kids in music and drama at a corps level and to assist at Divisional Youth Music/Arts weekends as well.

What excites me about the arts at this point in my life is the priceless opportunity that I have to be a part of the drama elective at the College For Officer Training (CFOT). We have a stellar group and teacher! Even though I am not currently in a corps setting at this moment, I am appreciative of the chance we get to learn the fundamentals of the art of drama and how to better apply them in a worship setting.

I look forward to learning as much as I can in these next two years so that I am better able to help others give glory to God through the arts as part of my ministry in a corps after I am commissioned.

Since my first TAMC, the Lord has made himself known to me on a personal level through the arts no matter if I am in the audience, on the stage, or behind the scenes. I cherish the moments of an act of worship when somebody does something, says something, or sings something that hits me in my core, and I know that their message is from God. God can use anyone He wants, in any way He wants, to speak to whoever He wants! How will He use and speak to you?