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Bursting Diet Myths

Search for “diets” and you’ll end up with thousands of results. With so many diets to choose from, you may be wondering which is best.

THE ANSWER: The ideal diet is the one you can stick to in the long term. It’s a plan that contains foods you enjoy, doesn’t cause deprivation, and isn’t filled with costly ingredients or supplements. The key is what works best for you, whether you have certain dietary preferences or must avoid some foods.

Many diets are considered fads because they don’t last long and simply don’t work. So, choose one that can become a normal part of your life. If you go on a diet, eventually you will go off a diet. Make permanent changes instead, and learn the truth behind these diet myths:

MYTH: You’ll gain weight if you eat after 8 p.m.
FACT: It’s fine to have a snack between 8 p.m. and bedtime, as long as you’re not grazing all evening. Eating too many treats will lead to weight gain. What matters is what and how much you eat.

MYTH:  You can’t eat protein and carbs at the same meal.
FACT: Your digestive tract was built to handle a mix of foods at the same time. There’s no scientific proof that eating meat and bread separately helps with weight loss.

MYTH: Going on a diet is not the best way to lose weight.
FACT: If you restrict calories, you’ll lose weight in the short term, but it likely won’t last. Instead, change the way you eat for the long term. Design a diet that becomes a lifestyle.

by Cara Rosenbloom, RD