The Arts Ministries Bureau is comprised of four creative thinkers who strive to support the USA Eastern Territory with arts resources for leaders, training in the areas of dance and drama as well as opportunities to participate in and book high-quality faith-based theatrical productions.

Kathryn Higgins
Arts Ministries Director
845 620 7258

Contact Kathryn with inquiries about:
Skeleton Army, Circus Arts Performance/workshops, Bureau bookings/speaking engagements, special requests etc.

Resa Berry
Arts Ministries Specialist
845 620 7311

Contact Resa with inquiries about:
Creative Arts Directors Gathering, Youth Councils Arts Training Day, TAMC Programming, Arts Ministries Graphics, stART Fund and Bureau Merchandise and Apparel, Social Media.

Ian Evans
Drama Ministries Specialist/CAST Coordinator
845 620 7371

Contact Ian with inquiries about:
CAST, RePlay, TAMC Auditions/Applications, National Script Database, Drama Curriculum, Army On The Stage Facebook Group etc.

Erin Morgan
Dance Ministries Specialist/Kroc Center Creative Arts Liaison
845 620 7266

Contact Erin with inquiries about:
MOVE Dance Co., Kroc Center arts programs, Divisional/Corps Dance Programs, Dance Curriculum, Army On Its Toes Facebook Group, Yoga Faith etc.