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Breaking Bad (Eating Habits)

If it were easy to break bad habits, we’d all be saints. But one of the most challenging habits – dare I say addictions – we face is our eating habits. Making healthy choices second nature can take time. How many times have you vowed to eat healthy and the next meal felt like a failure? Research indicates that it can take from a couple weeks to many months for a new habit to feel automatic. So how do you stay on track until your new healthy-eating habit sticks?

Here is some great advice taken from the National Institutes of Health & US National Library of Medicine.

First, start small. Setting too many goals or too many unrealistic ones can sabotage you right from the start.

Next, set yourself up for success. If your downfall is eating a bag of chips in front of the TV at 10:00 PM (OR in place of supper at 8), then first of all, don’t have them in the house. Have some alternatives ready to grab. Veggies cut up in zip-locks are ready to go when you are. If the drive-thru is calling your name, you don’t have to purchase the double cheeseburger & large fries. Most fast-food establishments offer salads with grilled chicken which is a far better choice. And don’t buy the XL soda. Ever.

When the munchies attack, think about why you feel hungry. Maybe you’re bored or stressed or just thirsty, but do not head for the soda or drink your calories. Get up and take a short walk instead. And find a friend or co-worker who wants to make healthy changes, too. The buddy system will keep you both on track.

And if you slip up, don’t give up. Forgive yourself and get back to your healthy ways as soon as you can. Never. Give. Up.

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