October 7-10, 2016 | Split Rock Resort | 18+

This year’s Territorial Young Adult Retreat — FUEGO: A Catalyst Experience for Young Adults — will take place on October 7 – 10, 2016. Three Days of dynamic WORSHIP, challenging TEACHING, bold EMPOWERMENT, and lively FELLOWSHIP.

This event is for young adults, young officers, and leaders of young adults.

“…The word of God burns in my heart; it is like fire in my bones. I try to hold it all in, but I cannot.” Jeremiah 20:9 (VOICE)



6:00PM Registration Outside Governor’s Ballroom
7:30PM Doors & Info Booths Open Keystone Ballroom
8:00PM Main Session 1 Keystone Ballroom
10:00PM Snacks Keystone Ballroom


8:00AM Early Morning Devotions Delaware Room
8:30AM Grab & Go Breakfast Governor’s Ballroom
9:00AM Doors & Info Booths Open Keystone Ballroom
9:15AM Main Session 2 Keystone Ballroom
10:45 AM Coffee Break Governor’s Ballroom
11:15AM Main Session 3 Keystone Ballroom
12:15PM Lunch Governor’s Ballroom
1:30PM-2:45PM Breakouts 1 see sidebar
3:00PM Free Time & Fun see sidebar
5:00PM Breakouts 2 – Panel Discussion see sidebar
6:15PM Lumberjack Activities Begin Governor’s Ballroom
6:30PM Lumberjack Banquet Keystone Ballroom
8:00PM Doors & Info Booths Open Keystone Ballroom
8:15PM Main Session 4 Keystone Ballroom
10:05PM Snacks Governor’s Ballroom
10:15PM Late Night Hymn sing Executive Room


8:30AM Early Morning Devotions Delaware Room
9:15AM Doors Open Keystone Ballroom
9:30AM Main Session 5 Keystone Ballroom
11:15AM Brunch Governor’s Ballroom
12:15PM Free Time see sidebar
6:15PM Doors Open Keystone Ballroom
6:30PM Main Session 6 Keystone Ballroom
8:30PM Snacks Governor’s Ballroom
9:15PM Main Session 7 Keystone Ballroom


Breakfast on your own and check out by 11AM

The 21-Day Fast Challenge

Often we go to a spiritual retreat and it takes time for us to adjust. Our minds are distracted, our bodies are uncomfortable, and our hearts may be pondering something else. But over time, things start to align and the retreat soon becomes a source of renewal to our souls. However, by the time we really start to get into it, it is time to go home.

What would it look like if we all prepared ourselves before we arrived? What would it look like if, instead of coming to the event to catch the fire, we each brought the fire with us?

I challenge you to take time to prepare yourselves. Let’s all take the three weeks leading up to the event and set aside specific time to seek God.

Fasting can take on many forms, a Daniel Fast is 21 days of vegetables, fruits, nuts, and water. Some may want to fast from watching an hour of television and use that time to seek the Lord. Others of you may want to start by eliminating certain foods such as sweets and then end the fast by going completely without food.

Whatever you decide to do, the goal is God. We are setting aside this time to put God back at the rightful place in our lives.

Who knows what will happen when we all come together. Our desire is that the fire of God will break out.

There is no better way to begin an event than to pray. Over the next 21 days we ask you to join us on this prayer journey to prepare for Fuego.

Resources and the 21 Day Fast Plan can be found HERE



 Special Guests include:

  • Colonel Janet Munn
  • Army On Its Toes
  • Unbound
  • Territorial Arts Ministries
  • Captains Keith & Pam Maynor
  • Ronnie Murchison
  • Lieutenant Darell Houseton
  • Phil Laeger
  • Eric Himes
  • Jovanie Smith
  • Francisco & Megan Villalpando
  • Bernie Dake
  • Joy Mikles
  • Jovanie Smith

Breakout Session I: Saturday, October 8 – 1:30pm

  • Expressing Yourself Through Spoken Word, VIP Dining Room
  • Leadership: Your First 100 Days, Lehigh Room
  • Personal Finances 101, Carbon Room (3rd Floor)
  • Sexual Wholeness, Delaware Room
  • You’re a Firework: Identity, Susquehanna Room
  • Why We Need New Songs, Executive Room
  • Fuego Gospel Choir, Keystone Room
  • Reasons Why Teens Leave the Church & How to Keep Them, Amazon Room 
  • Creating Your Life Plan, Piranha Room

Breakout Session II, Discussion Panels: Saturday, October 8 – 5:00pm

  • Missional Living, VIP Dining Room
  • The Artist and Jesus, Lehigh Room
  • Going Deeper with God, Delaware Room
  • Cultivating Confidence in Leading Worship, Executive Room
  • Fuego Gospel Choir, Keystone Room
  • Knowing God’s Will, Amazon Room 

Late Night Hymn Sing

Host: Eric Himes

The apostle Paul urged the people of Ephesus to sing the words and tunes of the psalms and hymns when they were together, and to go on singing and chanting to the Lord in their hearts, “always giving thanks to God the Father for everything, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ” (Eph. 5:20 NIV). The “Hymn Sing” is an excellent framework for responding to Paul’s advice – gathering with other Christians to sing praises to the Creator. We will gather in the Worship & Prayer room (Executive Room) for this event, and you will find the names of songs around the room. Pick a song & be prepared to share your testimony about the song.

Featuring: James Bailey, Doug Berry, Anthony Cenname, Matt Frye, Marty Mikles, & Francisco Villalpando

Saturday, October 8 – 3:00-5:00pm

Join us on the fields South East of the main building, towards the lake for Divisional Competitions and Fun Activities.

Sunday, October 9 – 12:15-6:15pm

H2Oooohh! Indoor Waterpark Pass – Only available on Sunday – Dinner is on your own.  Snacks for Sunday evening will be pizza & wings.

Free Time and Resort Activities

The following activities are included at no extra cost throughout the weekend:

  • Basketball, Fitness Center, Laser Tag, Miniature Golf, Tennis, Billiards,Hiking, Ping Pong, Shuffle Board, Swimming Pools, (Waterpark is only on Sunday)
  • One free game of bowling is included for the weekend.
  • Other activities are available for an additional fee per person.

On-site dining includes the following:

  • Split Rock Grill
  • Thirsty Moose Saloon
  • Lake View Tavern
  • Food Court
  • Lago Deli

Please note groups of 6+ will require reservations or on-site restaurants.  There are nearby restaurants in Lake Harmony and the surrounding area.