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Youth Spotlight: EMP His Pins Archery

Empire YS

His Pins Archery: Niagara Falls, NY in the Empire Division

At the beginning of April, the premier group of the “His Pins” Archery classes graduated from their two beginner classes. Each training session started with a devotional that tied archery to the gospel, and each devotional lesson built on the week before leading to the final lesson: “Missing the Mark.” The Niagara Falls Corps had a total of 31 enrolled between the two classes. Out of the 31, only two young people had previous contact with the corps. After six weeks, four new young people started attending spiritual services including Holiness meeting and the ‘Whole World Mobilizing” Prayer night!

In a few weeks, students return from their spring recess and the corps will begin two more beginner classes and add the first novice class for those who just graduated!


Introducing Booth Youth’s Youth Spotlight! Every month we’ll be featuring new Youth programs that are happening across the Eastern Territory! To submit a program from your division, submit a short description and picture of the event through our online contact form here: Contact Us!

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