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Youth Spotlight: EMP Y.A.M.


Young Adult Ministry (YAM) in Empire

Every month, the Empire Youth Department plans a meeting for their Young Adult Ministry (Y.A.M.). This includes a bible study and various fun events/fellowship. In the past, YAM has gone to a trampoline park, had game nights, gone to movies, had Christmas/Thanksgiving dinners, and other fun stuff! This program year, YAM has been going through a profound study on James, lead by Francis Chan on RightNow Media.

Their last meeting was in December and we had a pajama party Murder Mystery! The Youth Department developed a storyline for the group to solve and everyone participated – not even everyone in the youth department knew who committed the crime. There was a lot of laughter as the young adults acted out characters such as Elsa from Frozen, Rudolpho the reindeer-turned-professional-model, and the viagra without prescription sales Wiseman with Myrrh, and tried to discover who had a motive and a way to get rid of the reformed, good-hearted Scrooge. Throughout the night, YAM also had gingerbread houses for building, a karaoke setup, and Mrs. Claus cooked dinner for everyone. The young adults ended the night with themed gifts for everyone. We can’t wait to hear about the rest of your meetings!


Introducing Booth Youth’s Youth Spotlight! Every month we’ll be featuring new Youth programs that are happening across the Eastern Territory! To submit a program from your division, submit a short description and picture of the event through our online contact form here: Contact Us!

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