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The Orange Strategy

OrangeWe are excited to announce a new partnership with Orange, an organization we believe will help us better impact children, teenagers, and families for years to come.

There is significant alignment between our organizations. Just like The Salvation Army, Orange has a message that is “based on the Bible.” Their ministry is “motivated by the love of God.” And they create resources that teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and lead kids, teenagers and adults to serve others.

Our team at Orange is connected by a simple goal to influence anyone who influences the next generation. We use the color orange as a symbol of what can happen when the light of the church (yellow) combines with the heart of the home (red) to align their efforts to impact kids and teenagers.

When you take
and combine it with
you increase the potential to influence a kid’s life.

More specifically, we want to influence churches or organizations who partner with us to do five things effectively:

5-Essentials-1 5-Essentials-2 5-Essentials-3 5-Essentials-4 5-Essentials-5


Additional Resources


What is SONday’SCOOL?

SONday’sCOOL is curriculum for weekday Sunday School which provides easy to use lesson plans, including games, bible stories, songs, bible verses and more! 

The goal of SONday’SCOOL is to share the love of God and the message of redemption to those who come in contact with our community programs.

The primary mission of Sunday School is evangelism and Christian Education. The objective of SONday’SCOOL is both evangelism and Christian Education. Frequent decision opportunities are built into the curriculum.


What is Prime Time?

PrimeTime is a SONday’sCOOL curriculum geared towards your after-school programs. This material is the natural extension to your Sunday school material 

Each booklet contains up to 35 lessons, plus holiday lessons.



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