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28,000 Campers accept Jesus Christ as Lord!

“Over the last four years, 28,000 children have accepted Jesus Christ as Lord of their lives at summer camps across the USA East! These commitments are a direct result of the territory’s desire to become more strategic in how we present the Gospel.

Almost all of our summer camps use Jesus Theater to present the Good News of Jesus Christ. What is this ministry? Jesus Theater is a creative presentation of the Gospel using music, drama, dance, choreo-drama, and spoken word.

Not only has Jesus Theater increased the effectiveness of how we share the Gospel, but it has also impacted our camp programs as a whole. Camps are programming with Jesus Theater in mind.  There is an intentionality about what we are doing and many other programs and events at camp prepare campers for the presentation of Jesus Theater. In fact, Jesus Theater has had such an impact on how the Gospel is received that our summer camping ministries have become one of the most effective evangelistic ministries in the territory!

But this begs the question: how are we following up with these 28,000 children? Are we able to connect them with the on-going corps ministries? Are we getting them involved in Sunday School, enrolling them as Junior Soldiers, and making them disciples?

Seventy percent of the children attending our summer camps are accepting Jesus as Lord; can we now use that same innovation to keep them in the Church and grow them into saints?”

-Major Philip Lloyd



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