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Hands On


What is Hands On?

Hands On is a short-term, summer missions program designed for members of The Salvation Army between the ages of 18 and 28 who are eager to engage in serving others. Hands On team members will have the opportunity to express their love, commitment, and passion for Jesus Christ while partnering with Salvation Army ministries in different cultures for the purpose of learning and serving in evangelism, physical labor, and personal discipleship.


  • All applicants must have a valid US passport prior to applying
  • Must be an active Salvationist
  • Must own and be willing to wear a Salvation Army uniform as assigned
  • Must be between 18-28 years old and have graduated high school by January 1, 2020
  • Must provide five (5) references: a personal reference (mentor, professor, friend, etc.), a professional reference (employer, teacher, coworker, etc.) and references from your Corps Officer, your Divisional Youth Secretary, and your Divisional Commander no later than application deadline
  • Must demonstrate leadership ability
  • Must be active in corps ministries
  • Must demonstrate emotional & spiritual maturity
  • Must have ability to work as a team player
  • Must have a desire to learn and serve
  • Must be able to travel both within and outside the United States
  • Must submit a 2-3 minute video submission (see application for more information)
  • Must complete the Health History form and receive a physical examination if chosen for a team
  • Some Hands On teams may travel to countries where additional immunizations are required. Immunizations are the personal responsibility of the team members and proof of immunizations will be required prior to travel out of the USA
  • All team members will be required to participate in orientation and debriefing

2021 schedule is coming soon!


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