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Materiales de Corps Cadets Primavera 2020 – Español

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Corps Cadets Materials Spring 2020 – English

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Special Observances Sunday

The aim and focus of the Spring Corps Cadet Sunday material is evangelism. As Christ followers, we have the ultimate Good News in the person of Jesus Christ. We are called to share that good news and to go and make disciples. The theme is “The Urgency of the Gospel.”

CC Sunday Material


What is a Corps Cadet?

A corps cadet is a young Salvationist who undertakes a course of study and training in his own corps in order to become more effective and efficient. The whole program is designed to enhance the value of his future service as a soldier, local officer or officer.

What are the Objectives?

1. To provide an atmosphere in which spiritual growth can occur through Bible study, doctrine study, prayer fellowship, tithing, service, witnessing, spiritual counsel of corps officers and locals.

2. Provide opportunities for development of leadership skills.

3. Provide exposure to Salvation Army history, policies and procedures.

4. Provide training and opportunities to develop soul-winning experiences through visitation campaigns, outdoor evangelism, witnessing, and eventually discipling other corps young people.


2020 Corps Cadets Awards

We want to congratulate our most recent recipients of Corps Cadets Awards across the territory! Check out the full list below!





Annabel Henriquez, Berwick
Karista Vargo, Berwick
Carlos Cordon, Easton
Melvin Cordon, Easton
Rene Rivera, Lebanon
Dante Torres, Lebanon
Kaleb Bunn, Phila. Kroc Center
Tyler Jackson, Phila. Kroc Center
Jayson DeLong, Phila. Roxborough
Jacob Knaggs, Phila. Roxborough
Yailin Cordero, Phila. Tabernacle


Kaily Campbell, Auburn
Logan Carroll, Niagara Falls Cit.
Brynn Dixon, Niagara Falls Cit.
Isaac Mulholland, Niagara Falls Cit.
Isabella Eggert, Niagara Falls Cit.


Kendra Russell, Beacon
Skylah Browne, Beacon
Melanie Garcia, East Northport
Shamaya Thomas, Bushwick


Brooke Mitchell, Athol
Cheyanne Harris, Lowell
Ashlie Pelletier, Worcester Citadel
Tangela Norman, Plymouth
Angelina Haney, Plymouth
Mahala Nelson, Plymouth


Trayliesha Agnewel, Akron Citadel
Jada Forepaugh, Akron Citadel
Courtney Hays, Mount Vernon
Trenton Mackie, Mount Vernon
Tyler Mackie, Mount Vernon
Bethany Ankrom, Salem
Blake Surmaceviz, Salem
Raegan Surmaceviz, Salem
Elizabeth Ramsey, Warren


Ethan Kim, Englewood
Kevin Alegria, New Brunswick
Mery Alegria, New Brunswick
Nicole Alvarado, New Brunswick
Sherlyn Alvarado, New Brunswick
Kennedy Barrios, New Brunswick
Yajaira Barrios, New Brunswick
Viviane Andrade, New Brunswick
Cristian Olmedo, New Brunswick


Eliz Rodriguez, Meriden
Faizon Alston, Meriden
Brandy Balave, Meriden
Alyssa Ronda, Meriden
Nia West, Meriden
Madison Anderson, Meriden
Joshua Bang, Newport
Rebecca Bang, Newport
Abigail Andres, Pawtucket
Abraham Andres, Pawtucket
Samantha Andres, Pawtucket
Samuel Andres, Pawtucket
Gabby Spencer, Pawtucket
Melary Andres, Pawtucket
Michael Ochoa, Pawtucket


Hannah Hansen, Sidney
Caitlynn Hansen, Sidney
William Howard, Middletown
Wesley Howard, Middletown


Amber Bisnauth, Astoria
Kendra S. Russell, Beacon
Jose Alejo Junior, Bronx Citadel;
Jennifer Goiz, Bronx Citadel
Shamaya Thomas, Bushwick
Kylie Salas, Port Jervis
Riccardo D’Lanez, Suffern Temple
Rachel Ramirez, Suffern Temple
Sharlene Lucero-Rodriguez, Queens Temple


Joshua Doane, Athol
Brooke Mitchell, Athol
Elkin Rojas, Lowell
Wiltord Kibuuka,Lowell


Alexis Galloway, Canton Citadel
Sierra Morales, Youngstown Citadel


Mackenzie Dalrymple, Montclair
Paige Dlugose, Flemington


Timothy Jefferson, Chapel at Worthington Woods


Brianna McCullough, Pittsburgh Temple
Madison Merchant, Pittsburgh Temple


Brianna Dow, Bangor


Mount Vernon, NEO
Toledo Temple, NEO
Roxborough Citadel, EPA
Bushwick, GNY
Bronx Citadel, GNY
Plymouth, MA
Quincy, MA
Athol, MA
Brockton, MA
Fall River, MA
Boston Kroc Center, MA
Middletown, SNE
Manchester, SNE
New London, SNE
New Haven, SNE


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