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Bible Bowl

What is Bible Bowl?

The purpose of Bible Bowl is to excite young people with the Word of God and its relevance to their daily lives, to plant the Word of God in their hearts and minds, and to develop Bible study habits that will continue with them throughout life.

Young people who participate in Bible Bowl study the Bible and memorize specific verses of Scripture. The teams enjoy group Bible studies and personal study, as well as quizzing and fellowship with other teams. The young people grow in their understanding of God’s values and principles and learn to apply the truths they have learned to their everyday lives.


How Do I Start A Bible Bowl Team?

Any active Salvationist in grades 7-12 who attends the corps regularly and claims Jesus as Savior is eligible to participate in Bible Bowl.

A Bible Bowl team consists of a minimum of four players and a maximum of seven players. A maximum of three corps may combine to form one team. Please contact your Divisional Youth Secretary to obtain Bible Bowl registration procedures within your division and to ask any additional questions regarding how Bible Bowl is handled within your division. Every corps must register their team via their Divisional Youth Secretary. 


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