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BATTLE READY: Soldier Prep for Teens

BATTLE READY will help teens examine, wrestle with, and understand the Soldier’s Covenant in a way that speaks to their stage of life. As students explore how “a Salvation Soldier lives a life marked by a CHRIST-centered, OTHERS-focused faith, in sacred covenant,” they will be prepared to make a decision of commitment based on an age-appropriate understanding of what a Salvation Soldier looks like in their world.

BATTLE READY is an engaging and easy-to-use Bible study that utilizes a variety of interactive means to teach and reinforce lesson aims. Making use of each unit’s Deployment Challenges and Person of Interest components will enhance your students’ ability to apply lesson truths to their daily lives, beyond the small group gathering.

Download your copy of BATTLE READY today, or request an additional physical copy for your corps (Note: each USA East corps received two physical copies).


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