In recognition of and solidarity with our brothers and sisters of African descent, these materials have been prepared for the building up of the Kingdom of God for celebrating Black History Month.

During the month of February, Americans celebrate the contributions African-Americans have made to our society, especially recognizing the way our shared heritage has often been ignored. A new video, presented by the Mission and Culture Department of The Salvation Army—USA Eastern Territory, highlights the journey of Salvationists of African Descent who have made significant contributions to the Army even while enduring various challenges. For the first time, this story is expressed through the experiences of members of the Salvationists of African Descent Committee—one of the three official bodies that provide advice and accountability to the territory on issues of diversity and inclusion. We hope that every corps, ARC center, and other Army unit will provide space and time for their constituents to view and discuss this video which is challenging and encouraging, and we trust that God will use it in our communities to answer our earnest prayer—“Thy kingdom come,… on earth as it is in heaven” (Matthew 6:10).

In the documents attached below, you’ll find 1) Salvationists of African descent video, 2) group discussion guide, 2) worship content ideas, 4) sermon outline, and 5) a Corps event poster.