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Beautiful Retreat

Belle Haven Marina, The Potomac River
Alexandria, Virginia
April 8, 2019

The first paddle of the season. No hurry. Time alone with Jesus. Breathing in His grace. Breathing out distractions. Turning my thoughts to Him, enjoying His presence. Reflecting on His character.

 Do I look like Him?

Turtles sunning themselves on a log, plop into the water at the slightest unfamiliar sound. I’m not even close but they sense my presence and hurry to safety.

Am I like that sometimes? Do I sense the presence of the “other” and flee to safety…solitude…Jesus? Are there times when I should resist solitude, and reach out to the other with a word of encouragement?

 The activity of a family of eagles bursts in on my thoughts. They have built their nest in the tallest tree, where the strongest, highest branches come together to form a V. The juvenile sits in the nest. The mother sits above the nest, watching carefully while the father soars off in search of food.

The majestic wingspan. The distinctive white head. The unmistakable high-pitched call. An uncommon (in my world) and welcome sighting.

“I am sure that God intends us to get a great deal of pleasure out of the smaller things in life. If He can take such pleasure in, and show such care for, daisies and violets to make them, though they may not play a necessary part in His great scheme of things, He means that we should have something of the kind in our life.” Mrs. General Florence Booth

My safety is in the Lord. He is always nearby, watching over me, protecting me, feeding me. He provides everything I need. Am I always aware of His presence? Do I always hear His voice?

 A day. A kayak. A marsh on the Potomac. Perfect weather. A light breeze. Solitude.

Two hours alone, in a kayak, on the water; just me and Jesus. And the turtles and the eagles.