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Be a flagbearer!

Maye_Warren_2015This year, at the end of every Old Orchard Beach Pier ministry, specific young people identified themselves to the crowd as counselors who were available to discuss questions of faith.

Each counselor held a small flag. Printed on it in white was a line drawing that symbolized the evangelistic campaign—a question mark enclosed inside a light bulb. Inscribed next to the bulb was the question, “Do you know the Secret?” Only the brilliant lights from the Pier stage, the amusement park rides, and from concession stands illuminated the flags against a night sky.

After all was said and done (electrifying music, worshipful praise & dance, the spectacle of “magic and miracles”), the flagbearers would begin the important task of leading people to Christ. When the Pier ministry finally concluded, they counted 15,269 “gospel encounters,” of which 760 were “meaningful conversations”; 222 were “prayers”; and 19 were “conversions to Christ.” Distributed Bibles, tracts, and books totaled 3,044.*

Today as you read this SAConnects, I encourage you to see yourself as a “flagbearer” and to be excited about having similar discussions about faith in your community!

* Volunteers were officers, soldiers, and youth from the Quebec Division, the Canada & Bermuda Territory, and USA East. Pier team, 150;  Prayer Team, 11;  Children’s Ministry team, 10; Street Ministry team, 9; and the Evangelism Team, 20. — Salvation Factory

— Warren L. Maye
Editor in Chief