In Focus

Autumn Adventure

Just a few years ago, Florida was known as the primary retirement destination in America.

But today, according to recent census data, eight of the top 11 states with populations having the oldest median age are in the USA Eastern Territory, with Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire topping the list.

Perhaps the physical beauty of mountains and shorelines, the atmosphere of vintage Americana in picturesque, historical little towns is a big attraction, despite New England’s colder winters.

The number of senior citizens in the Northeast will also continue to increase in heavily populated urban areas as medical technology helps to extend their lifespans well into their 90s.

But how will their lifestyles be sustained amid a shrinking tax base, smaller pension reserves, and strained medical, housing, food, and transportation budgets?

In the next SAconnects (the magazine), you’ll read how The Salvation Army is helping to meet some of those practical, social, recreational, and spiritual needs of seniors. From affordable housing in Cincinnati, Ohio, and in Harlem, N.Y., to state–of–the–art recreational facilities such as the Ray & Joan Kroc Corps Community Center in Philadelphia, to giving back to the next generation as volunteers, you’ll learn how the Army is helping older people make their autumn years an exciting adventure.

— Warren L. Maye
Editor in Chief