05 Jul 2020

Betty ages gracefully

When Betty Hensley was just 12 years old, WWII was on the horizon and she was about to begin her own great adventure. Her father gave her a golden jackknife

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04 Jul 2020

Grounded, but giving back

COVID–19 has been a crushing blow to the travel industry. For companies like California–based AMI Group, which distributes food to airlines and cruise ships, everything changed overnight with the COVID–19

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03 Jul 2020

A ‘donut’ day to remember

Gratitude is typically what one feels in response to another person’s selfless act of kindness. Such acts can happen anytime and anyplace—even in the parking lot of a donut store.

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02 Jul 2020

A new kind of mayor

“For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes ….”—Romans 1:16. Residents of Ashland, Ohio, are accustomed

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02 Jul 2020

One day at a time

It was early April and COVID–19 was raging. Salvation Army officers around the world were putting in exhaustive hours as they fed people and met their needs. In Burlington, Vt.,

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01 Jul 2020

A cool donation

It pays to be connected. Rosemarie Dykeman, the director of social services for the Nashua, N.H., Corps, is one of the most connected people in town and it helped The

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30 Jun 2020

Closing the Gap

The Saratoga Race Course draws 1 million horseracing fans each summer to the idyllic city of Saratoga Springs in upstate New York. Spectators are typically greeted by a large Salvation

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29 Jun 2020

Prepared to weather the storm

Rick Reinhardsen, a longtime volunteer with The Salvation Army, has weathered a lot of storms in his 52 years on Martha’s Vineyard and as a former sea captain in the

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28 Jun 2020

Is it Santa Claus?

When you first see the Rev. Russ Chamberlain around New Bedford, Mass., you may mistake him for Santa Claus. While wearing his red Salvation Army jacket and white beard, this

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27 Jun 2020

On Captain Emeline’s watch

Captains Chaka and Emeline Watch, corps officers of the Harlem, N.Y., Temple, understand the pain families feel today. “As officers, the biggest challenge for my husband and me is knowing

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26 Jun 2020

Summer camp in a box

Most summer camps across the Eastern Territory are closed this year due to COVID–19, a move that forced youth leaders to scramble for another way to build into children’s lives.

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25 Jun 2020

King–sized treats

Nursing homes have truly been the ground zero of COVID–19. In late May, the Foundation for Research on Equal Opportunity found that 42 percent of all COVID–19 deaths in the

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