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At the Morning Disco!

Every Wednesday morning in July and August, the Salvation Army USA East Territorial Youth Department will invite children aged 6–12 and their parents to dance, laugh, sing, and learn about God’s love. The program is called “Morning Discovery: the online Children’s Ministry Show” or “Morning Disco” for short.

The 23–minute variety program includes upbeat songs, dancing, Bible verses, and friendly competitions between members of the youth department. Most importantly, Morning Disco is a reminder to young people that despite everything going on in the world today, God is present and powerful in all our lives.

Captain Jason Knaggs, the youth department secretary, directed the first episode and provided color commentary for its “Let There Be Light” competition. He says that Morning Disco came from children’s worship ministries at Salvation Army summer camps, where he and his wife, Captain Leslie Knaggs, had worked for eight years as camp directors.

“We always had a vision to present what we had in camps for others to see, but COVID–19 made us speed up the process,” says Captain Jason.

“Every camp does a version of what you see in Morning Disco. But with the camps closed due to COVID, we still wanted children to experience devotionals somehow,” says Captain Leslie, who presents the lessons of God’s creation in Morning Disco.


A New Creation

Morning Disco’s first episode talks about how God made the universe from nothing. Captain Leslie takes viewers through God’s 7 days of creation as He makes the heavens, the earth, the plants and the animals, all the way to His favorite creations—Adam and Eve.

“People are so important to God that He created us in His very image,” says Captain Leslie. “We have deep worth because God created us. He calls us good.”

Lieutenant Christine Morales introduces the episode’s Memory Verse, which is a passage from Scripture that fits the theme of the episode. Genesis 1:27 “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.”

Lieutenant Morales says that though she learned to be in front of the camera at the College for Officer Training, she never knew exactly when she would have an opportunity to use this knowledge.

“They wanted someone who had personality and who could connect with people,” says Morales. “The trick is to imagine that you’re doing it live for the children, not for the camera.”

Morales says that during the COVID–19 quarantine, she learned the importance of moving forward and having a vision for the future.

“Kids these days are YouTubers. They want to enjoy something that’s quick and ready to dance to. That’s what Morning Disco is. I’m so happy to be a part of it.”

“Our hearts break for the missed opportunities this summer,” says Captain Jason. “For eight summers, we made evangelism a focus that brought thousands of lives to the Lord. In the same way, we want Morning Disco to be a ministry that draws people to God and His promises.”

The first episode of “Morning Discovery: the online Children’s Ministry Show” is available to watch right now. New episodes will premiere every Wednesday morning at 10 a.m., through July and August. You can find these episodes on Booth Youth’s website and on social media pages. Just click the links listed here.

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