20/20 Vision

ARC and Corps Integration

Our territory’s 20/20 Vision guides us in our thinking about how we, as Salvationists, can make a difference in the Kingdom. We understand that:

  • The Lord has blessed the Army with people to fulfill His work, while continuing to bring thousands more our way each day.
  • The Lord has given us varying programs to reach the masses.
  • The Lord has equipped us with valuable provisions to accomplish His work.

The Lord’s plan will require the collaboration of soldiers, officers, employees, and other stakeholders, which include our Adult Rehabilitation Centers (ARCs) and communities. Our desire is to support and strengthen frontline ministry, its leaders, and its soldiers. The plan is designed to encourage each person to identify opportunities to support the vision.

One aim is to better integrate ARC and local corps ministries. A working relationship is beneficial to both entities. For example, Bible studies, men’s fellowships, and women’s ministries can all be incorporated into an ARC program. That can translate to new converts, membership growth, and greater family involvement at corps. ARC and corps officers need to keep communication open between them and understand each other’s ministry. We are all one Army.

At the Manhattan ARC, we are blessed to have officers from the Times Square Corps and the Harlem Temple Corps come once a week for Bible study. ARC women participate in a Bible study at Harlem Temple. ARC beneficiaries attend special events. Some of them also choose to worship there.

In moving forward with the 20/20 Vision, let us take intentional steps in all our communities where there are ARCs to integrate with local corps ministries so we can build the Kingdom of God, one soul at a time.

Major Beth Muhs
Administrator for Program,
Adult Rehabilitation Center

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