Reformation 500

An Avenue of Grace

USA East Reformation 500 Theological Symposium (October 26, 2017, Territorial Headquarters) provided an avenue of grace for spiritual formation, self–understanding, and ongoing mission.

Three motivating factors combined to bring this event into being:
1. The understanding that salvation by grace through faith is central to our mission and identity
2. The belief that followers of Christ should exercise theological understanding
3. The conviction that familiarity with theology liberates the people of God for greater service.

We were honored to have had as our presenters Captain Andy Miller, USA South; Major Young Kim, USA East; and Major Amy Reardon, USA West. They represented and modeled for us theological acumen, scholastic credentials, and missional integrity.

We’re thankful that our audience was stretched, and that the rigor of academic content was refreshing.

That day, we sat in the lecture hall. Regularly, we find ourselves in the sanctuary for worship. Tomorrow, we will undoubtedly engage in another day of service.

All scenarios are vital to fully condition the soldiers of God.

Colonel Richard Munn
Territorial Secretary for Theology and Christian Ethics

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