Letter from our Secretary for Program

The 2018 Advent & Christmas Resource includes ideas for Worship Planning in English & Spanish (meeting outlines, song suggestions, Advent wreath readings, children’s moments, responsive readings, sermon focus, drama sketches and more), as well as Children’s Programs (junior church ideas, Christmas pageant/programs, etc.) for 4 weeks of Advent, and a Christmas Day service.

This year’s Advent materials were prepared by members of the Territorial Program Department with coordination by the Spiritual Life Development Department. This material will be housed on SAConnects under Resources-Advent Material. If you have difficulties, please contact your divisional program secretary for additional information.

The First Sunday of Advent falls on December 2, 2018. Be sure to visit the Advent site early so that you have time to familiarize yourself with everything that is available there, and to make sure your key leaders have the materials they need, well in advance!

May God bless you even now as you consider the blessing of His Advent into our world, and His presence in your life!

In His Service,

Lt. Colonel James LaBossiere
Secretary for Program


To download materials in English, click here:

2018 Advent & Christmas Resource

Para bajar materiales en Español, oprima aquí:

Un Recurso de Adviento 2018