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A watery death

jesus in boat pic

Teacher!?! They exclaimed.

The disciple’s exclamation wasn’t one of tenderness, deference, and respect, they were terrified!  These men, some fishermen, feared for their lives which leads me to believe that the storm had a purpose.  First, the storm had to be scary enough to instill fear in people that were accustomed to the sea.  Second, the storm had to have been a brought on suddenly, as if by design, because experienced sailors usually know when to travel and when to avoid travel.  Third, even if they knew it was a risk, they were traveling because the risks of not traveling may have seemed greater to them than staying in place.

F.B. Meyer wrote, “Is there not comfort in knowing that your vessel is caught by a current that emanated from the purpose of Him who works all things after the counsel of His own will and is bearing you toward His heart?” 

You may be at a place in your life that is scary, and you are terrified.  Crying out to God is not a sign of weakness.  Crying out to God is an act of belief.  There are tragedies and tribulations in the lives of believers and unbelievers.  What separates a believer is “belief” in a person sent by God, being God himself, to walk with us through our tragedy, and tribulation.

In this world of sin, who can say how far the ripples of consequence extend, and what waves and storms they eventually cause in our lives, and the lives of others.  What is known is that the Savior rides in the boat with us, for He truly is, Immanuel (God With Us).   He accompanies us through life, you are never alone in your boat.  The hymn, Eternal Father reminds us God is powerful to save.

“Eternal Father, strong to save,
Whose arm hath bound the restless wave,
Who bidd’st the mighty ocean deep
Its own appointed limits keep;
Oh, hear us when we cry to Thee,
For those in peril on the sea! “

Call on him today!

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