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Perchance you’ve been a Salvationist all your life, but the opportunity to enjoy the rich ministry, the incomparable music, and the comradeship found at Old Orchard Beach Camp Meetings (OOB) has eluded you.

Or possibly many years have passed since your toes pressed the soft, warm sand that remains untouched by time and mass tourism.

Or maybe you were among the unprecedented number of first–timers who sat under the protective wings of the Seaside Pavilion and heard anointed Salvationist preachers share God’s word. And later that evening, you actually visited the Pier and there you discovered “The Secret!”

As many as 625 delegates of the Greater New York Division (GNY), of which 80 were members of the division’s Music & Creative Arts Forces (Youth Band, Youth Chorus, and Timbrel Brigade) along with their friends and families, fell somewhere on the spectrum of OOB experiences. In lieu of holding its annual family camp, the division supported these young Salvationists in a unique opportunity to help host and participate in this year’s camp meetings.

The meetings served as a wonderful opportunity to reunite with friends and colleagues and to meet new people and to share in the festivities with them for the first time.

by Warren L. Maye


“This is my first time at Old Orchard Beach. And it’s really amazing. Over the past 10 years, I’ve worked for The Salvation Army. And now, I’ve finally come to experience this for myself! It’s really been a blessing. The Bible says that we should not forsake the gathering of ourselves together. And so, this fellowship has been really great for me. My first corps officers are here [the now Colonels Janice A. and Steven M. Howard]. I’ve also seen old friends from years ago. And this just confirms for me what The Salvation Army is doing and what God is doing through The Salvation Army.”

—Matt DV Williams
Risen.TV in New York City 


“What has impressed me about the camp meetings thus far is seeing the large number of people who have committed to giving their lives to the Lord Jesus Christ and to being a light in this world!”

—James Payne
Riverhead Corps, Long Island, N.Y.


“We are excited because this is the first time most of our corps people are here.”

—Captain Elias Goiz–Escobar
Bronx (Citadel), N.Y., corps officer



“I’m very happy to see that we have such a togetherness of salvation from the Eastern Territory where we can come to Old Orchard Beach and remind ourselves that we are one in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. And I’m very happy to be here with my brothers and sisters who love the Lord.”

— CSM Fitz Lewis
Bronx (Citadel),
N.Y., Corps



“What’s exciting for me is being here for the first time and seeing the Army at work in the streets and seeing its mission obviously living itself out in the [OOB] community. I see people coming together and moving forward in their faith. This morning, I saw and heard the Adult Rehabilitation Centers Chorus. It was great to witness the success the Lord Jesus Christ is having in their individual lives and as a community.”

—Dean Heele
Birmingham Citadel Corps, England

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