A simple rescue: basketball

Although 40 years ago I was born into a dysfunctional family stricken by alcoholism, abuse, and unbelief, God had a plan.

At age eight, He led me to The Salvation Army. He provided caring officers as well as many kids who became my extended family.

Through Him, I found a best friend who introduced me to many Army activities. At every chance I had, I played basketball. As I grew up, the Army offered further opportunities, such as summer camp.

Many people helped lead me to Christ. While at Youth Councils, I felt the Holy Spirit enter my life and I began a deep relationship with God.

As I got older, I recycled what God had given me. I became a Sunday school teacher, and then, a youth leader. Every Sunday, I drove my car through the neighborhood, inviting kids to church.

Later, my mom, who battled alcoholism, gave her life to Christ. And my sister, when we were kids, teased me for going to church. But later, she gave her life to the Lord at a Joel Osteen event.

As a corps sergeant major, I wear two silver stars on my uniform that represent my two children, both of whom are officers. Though I’m proud of them, I wear the stars to remind myself of how God broke my family’s generational curse.

To this day, I’m amazed that He used a simple thing such as basketball to rescue my life.

Now, I watch my children teach their children about God. It takes His divine love, shared with one another, to restore a life.

by Sheri Davis

—Sheri Davis is the corps sergeant major (CSM) of the Manchester N.H. Corps. She shared her testimony during the Soldiers Rally held in May.

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