A Message of Thanks to Salvationists

General Brian Peddle, The Salvation Army’s international leader, issued a call to prayer, urging Christians to pray into the current coronavirus situation with urgency. In particular, Sunday April 19, 2020 was set aside as a key time to do this together. We saw a huge response as the Army united in prayer. Here’s a short message from General Peddle, thanking our movement for this response.

Greetings, Salvationists:

Psalm 113:3 says, “From the rising of the sun to the place where it sets, the name of the Lord is to be praised.”

We have done that. We’ve done that in our response to a call to prayer as we have followed the sun. We began in Samoa and now the sun has set in Hawaii.

As Salvationists, we have prayed and lamented the loss of precious people. We have prayed for many still in need and prayed for those on the front lines while praying for an end to this virus.

I want to acknowledge your faithfulness in your confidence in God. Thank you for believing with me that things happen when people pray. Thank you for not testing God, but through prayer, showing that you trust Him. God bless The Salvation Army and its worldwide family.

I think that now the real test begins. We must believe that God will now answer our prayers. People are still suffering. Sadly, people are still dying. I hear the lament; I see the tears. People are still on the front lines while others are unsure, uncertain, and afraid.

Let’s continue to pray and anticipate God’s response and be careful then to give Him the glory.

In my call to mission, I have asked for our Army to be ready to be engaged and take responsibility. Maybe through your praying God has nudged you to respond to this call.

We believe God has raised up the Army for such a time as this. I believe God is sending our Army to serve others at such a time as this.

Please be safe in all that you do. But be His church in a world that needs our God whom we love and whom we serve. And again, thank you for your prayers. Together, let’s fill our hearts with expectancy in the days to come.

May God bless you.

—General Brian Peddle

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