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a living Sacrifice

Maye_Warren_2015In our next (issue of) SAConnects, you’ll get a glimpse of what Romans 12:1 (“… offer your bodies as a living sacrifice …”) looks like when people take it to heart. Actually in this case, it’s a kidney belonging to Lieutenant Kate Esker.

You’ll read how she helped save the life of Mike Reimer, a former police officer and now the Emergency Disaster Services (EDS) director in Pittsburgh, Pa. When it became clear that, without a transplant, his amazing ministry to college students—and his life—would come to an end, Esker stepped in.

As a colleague of Reimer’s, Esker saw firsthand how he had encouraged college students to play an integral part in the Salvation Army’s EDS ministry. You’ll read what happened next when they put their trust in God.

In “Sound Doctrine,” a new monthly column debuting in this issue, Colonel Richard Munn, the territory’s Secretary for Theology and Christian Ethics, sheds light on the foundation of our faith and reveals the motivation behind the selfless actions of Salvationists.

Be sure to read his “Protestantism,” the story of Martin Luther’s reformation movement that, 500 years ago, changed the world’s cultural, political, and religious landscape and eventually birthed such holiness denominations as The Salvation Army.

— Warren L. Maye
Editor in Chief

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