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A Journey Begins

Our first Cultivate – Young Adult cohort begins a 9-month journey that will challenge and strengthen the “inner life.” Through the book, “The Holy Longing” by Ronald Rolheiser, we will investigate the spiritual journey together. We will be introduced to practices and disciplines, we will confront questions and issues, and we will engage in Scripture and dialogue that will build a foundation.

Under the guidance and direction of some of the best officers and leaders this territory offers, we step off on this journey as a community within the community. Like St. Francis’ church-within-the-church, we begin not as outsiders and not as the elite, but as St. Francis himself, a disciple who wants more and is willing to go after it.

If you know someone in the cohort, come alongside for the journey. Hold up their staff when their arms grow weary. Carry their burdens when their soul is heavy. Speak life and light into their lives and walk with them.

We covet your prayer support, friends. We covet your companionship for those along this journey. We covet your blessing and your patience for each of us, for growing is no easy thing and we should never go back. We could never go back.

You’ll see some social media activity coming out of Cultivate – Young Adult and we’d love to engage you in conversation about what this journey holds for us. You’ll understand that above all, we honor the journey. So confidentiality may prevail from time to time in this regard. We thank you, in advance, for honoring the work of the Spirit in this way with us.

So here we go. Start your engines. Batten down the hatches. Tie everything down that you don’t want getting blown away. Close all the doors and windows. Keep your hands and feet inside the vehicle at all times. Take only what you need but take all that you need…

…And take the first step of this journey with us.