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I have just read (SAConnects July/Aug. 2015) and I couldn’t put it down! It was absolutely marvelous. Praise God for the story on Stanley Jackson.  I was thrilled to read that story!
INfocus-226x300Now as for “Finding Balance” (SAConnects, May, 2015, “Letters from you”), you cannot please everyone all the time. I’m “old school” but I’ve been out of the box my whole career. While I always did and still do wear proper uniform, I liked the cover in question. I didn’t love it, but I understood it was appealing to another generation. I hope I never get too old to appreciate that! In the words of Mrs. Brigadier Doris Berry, “We can’t make a magazine for just Joy.” You have to appeal to an entire readership! And you are doing it well. Congratulations on a fine magazine.

—Major Joyce (Joy) E. Emmons
Belgrade, Maine 


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(SAConnects “D.U.C.K.: Willie and Sadie Robertson,” July/Aug. 2015) It was great to be there in Hershey for this. The atmosphere that morning was awesome.

—Anne Morton
Saylorsburg, Pa.


(Response to video posted June 29, 2015, celebrating the Salvation Army’s 150 years of ministry) This is my history—how I was raised by my parents and grandparents on both sides who so deeply believed in the Salvation Army’s cause to work constantly for the good of others. In fact, the motto of the Sally Ann is simply, “Others.” I miss the simplicity of this faith. I miss some of the music. But most of all, I miss those dear old souls who gave so much of themselves for a higher purpose. There will always be a part of me who is Sally Ann, and who is grateful for all the good [the Army] taught me.

—Laurel Piper Tye
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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