A Display of Gratitude

We would like to take a moment to congratulate those who had a role in divisional Star Search. While we may not have seen every performance we were blown away by the ‘display of talent’ we did see! 

Participants, take a deep breath! You should feel proud of what you’ve accomplished. Whether your performance went better than you expected or if you had some unexpected surprises, performing in front of an audience requires courage! We are proud of you. Keep growing, performing and offering your talents to the Lord.

Local leaders, thank you. We recognize the incredible amount of hard work it takes to bring your solos and groups to the point of being ready for performance. We saw the way you worked behind the scenes. We noticed the moments of personal interactions with your students, the moments of comfort, encouragement, and congratulations, you were with them. Thank you. You play an integral role in the lives of your students. We honor the time that you have offered. 

Divisional leaders, thank you! We know that the preparation needed to organize a day of Star Search requires a great deal of work. The space that you created for the participants is important. We saw how hard you worked to set up every participant up for success. We honor you and all of the hard work you put into the day. 

For some of you, your journey with Star Search has come to an end for this year. We hope that you feel proud of what you’ve accomplished. For those of you who are continuing on to Territorials, congratulations! Keep working and preparing. We can’t wait to see you perform again!

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