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A conversation with Jesus…on the cross

Jesus dying on the cross for our sins was not only an ultimate sacrifice but a life-giving gift to us. Because man (humanity) during that time couldn’t accept changing their way of life, it was easier to discard one man, Jesus. The rejection was severe, and the cost was great. Jesus knew this was going to happen, and willingly accepted the cost because he loved us that much.

As you reflect on the image of the crucified Christ take a moment and think about this scenario: Jesus adhered to the cross with his arms wide open, vulnerable, physically depleted. His face is in anguish, sweat and blood cover his body. We look up at him, knowing that he is there because we ignored the words and truth. We wanted what we thought was the easy way of eliminating change.


As you sit in silence, think about this:

If you were given the opportunity to stand in front of Jesus on the cross, what would your conversation be like with him?

From the cross, Jesus speaks to you first.

He says,

“I am what you are most afraid of: your deepest, most wounded, and naked self. I am what you do to what you could love. I am your deepest goodness and your deepest beauty, which you deny and disfigure. You run away from and attack the only thing that will transform you. I am everybody and every thing.”

You say,

“Jesus, you are outrageously ignored and neglected soul. You are what we do to goodness. You are what we do to God. You are what we do to what we should and could love. You are what we do to one another. You are what we do to ourselves. I cannot let anybody love me “for nothing.” I insist on being worthy and deserving. And then I demand that same of others too. And yet your arms remain outstretched and embracing to all the world. You alone, Christ Jesus, refuse to be a crucifer, even at the cost of being crucified. You never play the victim or call for any vengeance, but only breathe a universal forgiveness upon the universe from this crucified place.”


Give thanks to Jesus:

  • …for becoming a human being and walking the full journey with me. Now I do not have to pretend to be God.
  • …for becoming small and inferior, so I do not have to pretend that I am big and superior to anybody.
  • …for holding my shame and nakedness so boldly and publicly, so I do not have to hide or deny my human reality.
  • …for becoming weak, so I do not have to pretend to be strong.
  • …for being willing to be considered imperfect, wrong, and strange, so I do not have to be perfect or right or idealize the so-called normal.



Crucified Jesus, I thank you for revealing all these things to me in one great image of insight and mercy. I want to love you in this form. I need to love you in this way, or I will never be free or happy in this world. Amen.