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7 Men and the Secret of their Greatness – Book Review

7 MEN  And the secret of their greatness
BY ERIC METAXAS,  a book for Men and Women

Our world has gone to great lengths to manufacture superheroes.  From the ancient Gods of Greece and Rome down to Dell and Marvel comic books.  The heights and depths of the human spirit have been graphically illustrated in the mythical lives of gods and superheroes.

In spite of that,  I have told family and friends for years,  “the most interesting movies, books, and plays are about Real People, Real Events”  In the case of this book, historical men who have written their stories into the history of our world.

Eric Metaxas does his research in the thorough style of Bill O’Reilly. He takes us into the culture, thinking, and hearts of 7 great men and tells the stories of their historical lives and common faith.

If you read only the story of Jackie Robinson, the first black player in major league baseball, you’ll gain new insight into his family and personal struggles.  Did you know that like Michael Jordan, Jackie had a brother who was an inspiration for his greatness?  Metaxas also adds the story of that ‘other’  Robinson brother who publicly slapped Hitler in the face of his “ Master Race”  theory.

The seven chapters are told almost as parables on the lives of these legendary men, the skills of living, and being real in a world that likes to embellish their heroes beyond belief.

In it, he draws all seven together in their uncommon faith in Jesus Christ and His principles for living an abundant life.

Is this a spiritual life book?   I categorize it as an adventure.  One with everyday people who have availed themselves of supernatural power to overcome the evils of their day.

Is it devotional, well, somedays I consider the pictures and video from the Hubble deep space telescope as devotional.   A ten-day exposure of pics and videos that encompass billions of galaxies in an area of space no larger than a grain of rice held at arm’s length.

This won’t take you ten days to read, but it opens up a view of people who stood for what they believed and made history, not myths.


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written by Major Chuck Kelly, Pastoral Care Officer, Pastoral Care, USA East