20/20 Vision: Survey Results


The Lord has entrusted the Army with great resources and responsibility! In looking to the future, how will those resources be effectively stewarded for maximum Kingdom impact? The Lord has given the Territorial leadership a vision of development and growth for the USA Eastern Territory. In response to the Lord’s leading, the theme “20/20” has been chosen for the journey ahead. It is intended to provide clarity of focus for ministry. In June a video (Video Link) was shown at Commissioning featuring three priority areas that will be essential to fulfill Mission:

  • People: The Lord has blessed the Army with people to fulfill His work, while continuing to bring thousands of people our way each day
  • Programs: The Lord has given us a means of varying programs to reach the masses
  • Provisions: The Lord provides us with valuable provisions to accomplish His work

Over the past six months, the USE leadership team has been working together to build a Vision Plan designed to strengthen frontline ministry. To support this process, a survey was recently made available to all Officers and Soldiers in good standing within the USA Eastern Territory. Thank you for contributing your perspective! Approximately 100 Officers and Soldiers responded. The results clearly communicate the need to better empower and equip local ministries and leaders.

Below are the results from two questions that highlight the priorities essential to ministry at both the Territory and local level. The Vision Statement, Vision Goals, and Vision Plan format have been developed with these priorities in mind:

Top 3 priorities that will have the greatest level of positive Ministry impact across the Territory:

  1. Reach and engage millennials
  2. Expanded use of social media
  3. Mobilization – concerted effort to minister beyond our walls

Top 3 local needs that will have the longest sustainable impact if strengthened:

  1. Financial resources
  2. Additional personnel support
  3. Officer and Soldier empowerment

Are there any organizational barriers that exist that could potentially hinder the Lord’s plan? Below are the top 3 characteristics that could limit the effectiveness of the Vision Plan. Thank you for your honest response! Going forward, the USE leadership will proactively take steps to discuss and respond to these issues.

Top 3 cultural characteristics negatively impacting the Army’s effectiveness:

  1. Overburdened Officers/Employees
  2. Under resourced: People and/or Finances
  3. Multiple Level Approval Process