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Letter from our Territorial Commander:Corps Mission Profile

Shortly after arriving in our new appointments, Commissioner Lorraine and I shared our vision for the USA Eastern Territory. We sensed a holy conviction that God was calling the territory to focus on the development and growth in this vineyard of The Salvation Army. God laid some specific direction on our hearts for the days ahead. In subsequent months, we sought input from officers, soldiers and friends of the Army to ascertain what God had placed on their hearts about moving mission forward in local settings. These responses, coupled with many conversations, focus groups and a territory–wide survey, were taken into consideration and used to shape the positive impact potential of a 20/20 Vision Plan for the territory.

This plan seeks to help us find ways to “transform communities in the power of Jesus Christ one life at a time.” It explores ways for local field units to be empowered and equipped for mission. The 20/20 Vision Plan will help to guide us in our thinking of how we, as Salvationists, can make a difference in the Kingdom, understanding that:

  • The Lord has blessed the Army with PEOPLE to fulfill His work, while continuing to bring thousands of people our way each day.
  • The Lord has given us means of varying PROGRAMS to reach the masses.
  • The Lord provides us with valuable PROVISIONS to accomplish His work.

This launch package provides tools and resources for making PEOPLE, PROGRAMS, and PROVISIONS the focus of our ministry along with a tool for evaluating ministry effectiveness and setting measurable goals using your Corps Mission Profile that will move mission forward across the territory. Every ministry is unique! Therefore, the 20/20 Vision Plan is a flexible tool that is adaptable based on needs, challenges, and opportunities of each individual expression of Army ministry. There are 19 different goals listed under the categories of people, program and provision. While each command should be focusing on new soldiers and candidates, all other goals should be reviewed to assess what will uniquely help to move mission forward in your community. Which goals will help you make that happen in your setting? Your ministry team has the opportunity to select! You will also find resources to promote and encourage soldiers, volunteers and employees to be actively involved in mission.

We must be open to change that will draw people to the Kingdom. We must be conscious of the wonderful blessings we already have and expand where and when God leads. We must share our beautiful Army heritage. It’s a missional heritage, one of holiness teaching and living. A heritage that “gets it done” in Jesus’ name!

Be assured of our prayers as you launch 20/20 Vision in your place of ministry. We look forward to seeing what God can and will do in the coming days.

Commissioner William A. Bamford
Territorial Commander


There are three priorities which are essential to fulfill the mission: People, Programs, and Provisions. The Lord provides us with valuable provisions to accomplish His work. He has given us a means of varying programs to reach the masses. And the Lord has blessed the Army with people to fulfill His work, while continuing to bring thousands of people our way each day.

The Lord has an important path in front of us. “20/20” has been chosen as a theme for the journey ahead. The theme 20/20 is intended to provide clarity of focus for our Ministries and provide a long-term perspective through the year 2020. This newly formatted Corps Mission Profile provides opportunity for you, as a corps group, to assess where you stand now in each of the Vision categories and to plan where you feel that God is leading you forward as a Corps.

How can you most effectively focus your e orts to advance the 20/20 Vision? What part of the Vision can you move forward this year? Please take a moment as a group to prayerfully consider how your ministry team can most effectively contribute to this process.

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