Letter from our Secretary for Program

The 2017 Advent & Christmas Resources include ideas for Worship Planning in English & Spanish (meeting outlines, song suggestions, Advent wreath readings, children’s moments, responsive readings, sermons, drama sketches and more), as well as Children’s Programs (junior church ideas, Christmas pageants/programs, etc.) for the four Sundays of Advent, a Christmas Eve service, and the Sunday after Christmas.

Due to the fact that many new computers do not having CD/DVD drives, the 2017 Advent & Christmas Resources has been prepared by and will be housed on the Central Territory’s “Connections.” (You will need to use your Lotus Notes email address and password.) The traditional CD will not be available this year. If you have difficulties, please contact your divisional program secretary for additional information.

The First Sunday of Advent falls on December 3, 2017. Be sure to visit the Connections site EARLY so that you have time to familiarize yourself with everything that is available there, and to make sure your key leaders have the materials they need, well in advance!

May God bless you even now as you consider the blessing of His Advent into our world, and His presence in your life!

To access the materials please visit:


In His Service,

Lt. Colonel James LaBossiere
Secretary for Program


 How to access the Advent & Christmas Resources in “Connections”

  1.  In your web browser, go to: connections.salvationarmy.org 
  2. Sign In, using your email address and Notes password, and click “Log In”
  3. Near the upper right-hand corner click on “Search”
  4. Type in “Advent” and hit enter
  5. Select “Advent & Christmas Resources” community from search results

* If you are unable to Log In, click on the “Need Help?” button, which will generate an email to the servicedesk@salvationarmy.org 

Please contact your I.T. Administrator if you have any technology questions. 

Once you are in the “Advent & Christmas Resources” community, you’ll see:

  • Community Description
  • Forums
  • Bookmarks
  • Files:
    • FILES

Select “FOLDERS” tab for the following:

  • Adviento – Español
  • Advent Worship Planning
  • Advent Children’s Programs

Inside each folder you’ll find individual files which you can download/copy/print for your use. To edit a specific document:

  1. Click on the file you want (It will open up like a Word Document)
  2. Click on [↓] symbol near upper right corner to DOWNload the file
    1. The Word Document opens in a new window; click “ENABLE EDITING” button at top
    2. Edit the document as desired
    3. Save on your computer as you normally would
  3. To close document on Connections page, click large “⊠” near top right corner (or back arrow “” near top left)
  4. To exit Connections, log out
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