10 Signs You Teach Dance at The Salvation Army

10signs1. All the Junior Soldiers at your corps refer to you as Miss (insert first name).

2. ‘Back-to-School’season is actually ‘Start Listening to Christmas Music’season.

3. You know what Kids Bop is.

4. Freeze Dance is your best friend.

5. You know the shoe size of all the kids in your corps.

6. When you hear the words Star Search, you DON’T immediately think of the popular 1980’s televised talent show.

7. You know exactly where the box of long white dresses is at your corps, and wish you could afford to toss them and get new costumes.

8. Carpet is your nemesis.

9. You’ve had multiple heated conversations with the bandmaster about squeezing the brass further up stage.

10.You’re reading this article!