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As Good News! embarks on a new chapter in its service to the USA Eastern Territory, we celebrate its 30th 30yearsbirthday as your “paper of record.”

In 2010, a series of focus groups brought Good News! and its readers closer than they had ever been before. Feedback from the participants—people like you—led to the redesign of the entire paper.

A professional consultant hired to conduct the interviews said candidly, “This group is unlike anything I’ve ever assembled.” Typically, focus group participants are called in a moment’s notice from a waiting list to offer professional opinions on a variety of topics.

However, Good News! focus groups were hand-picked for their familiarity with the paper, their work with The Salvation Army, and their desire to see a better newspaper. Selecting them took several weeks.

Group members were administrators, supervisors, bookkeepers, assistant directors, house managers, cooks, resident supervisors, store managers, lawyers, and employees and officers—both active and retired. They were men and women aged 30–62. They assembled in Philadelphia, in New York City, and in Buffalo.

As a result, Good News! made itself more appealing to younger readers and to people outside its usual sphere of influence. Its content became more focused on relevant corps news. “I want Good News! to reflect what I’m doing,” became the phrase that resonated. The paper became smaller and more handy as well as more reader friendly.

For the full story on the history of Good News! entitled “You’ve got a newspaper now,” we invite you to visit this link:

 by Warren L. Maye

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