Worship Together | Church Service

Reminder to join us as we ‘Worship Together’ Sunday morning @ 11 am.

‘Worship Together’ is our way of making this time of necessary separation, an opportunity to be the closest we’ve ever been as a church body here in the USA Eastern Territory.
Looking forward to Worshipping Together!

#saconnects #salvationarmy #SAWorshipTogether


Order of Service: 3/28/20

Welcome & Video Introduction: Commissioner William Bamford
Video Presentation: Prayers from Children
International Day of Prayer for Children Captain Jason Knaggs
Call to Worship: Psalm 113:1-4 Captain Jason Knaggs
Time of Worship Blessed Be Your Name, Everlasting God, and Your Name Mr. Doug Berry & B/M Derek Lance
Scripture Presentation Psalm 121
Message Where Does My Strength Come From Colonel Philip Maxwell
Vocal Solo “In the Love of Jesus” Mrs. Erin Riesebieter
Time of Prayer Colonel Deslea Maxwell
Benediction Colonel Deslea Maxwell
Postlude Radiance New York Staff Band




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