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‘We’ve come this far by faith’

Manhattan Citadel celebrates 125 years

Officers and soldiers of The Manhattan Citadel, N.Y., Corps—both past and present—gathered in September to celebrate 125 years of ministry to the East Harlem community. Commissioners Barry C. and Sue Swanson, territorial leaders; Lt. Colonels Guy D. and Henrietta Klemanski, Greater New York’s divisional leaders; Captains Antonio and Jennifer Rosamilia, corps officers, and members of the community shared in a special, memory–filled weekend.The celebration began on Friday evening with a grand reunion. Songsters and band members greeted each other, told stories, and filled the corps with joyful laughter.On Saturday evening, everyone gathered at the corps for a celebration dinner and praise meeting. Commissioner Sue Swanson, territorial president of women’s ministries, reminded everyone that the corps is “in the midst of a field ripe for spiritual harvest.” She continued, “While countless testimonies of transformation already exist in the annals of Manhattan Citadel history, there is still more to be written!” The inaugural members of the corps advisory council were installed by Lt. Colonel Guy Klemanski. With words of appreciation, he welcomed the council members to the team and charged them to find their place of service in the corps and in the community.

A day of worship and celebration

On Sunday, people packed the sanctuary to hear Commissioner Barry Swanson, territorial commander, as he challenged each person to refuse to leave unfinished business in their lives. With “holiness within reach of every person,” Swanson urged that everyone stay in the room until he or she reconnected with God.Inspired by the morning worship, 150 Salvationists and friends gathered in Central Harlem for an open–air meeting in the public square. Lieutenant Stephen Mayes, assistant corps officer, declared that fruitful ministry still lay ahead for the corps. He and the entire congregation then marched victoriously across Harlem in a parade of witness.Once back at the corps, the youth led a final meeting. Their singing, dancing, testimonies, and dramatic offerings set the tone for worship. Commissioner Sue Swanson challenged the congregation a final time to continue in their personal relationship with Jesus.At the conclusion of the anniversary celebration, optimism for the future reigned in the hearts of those people who shared in the weekend. The times of reflection had proven the theme, “We’ve come this far by faith.”

 By Lieutenant Stephen Mayes

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