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Swanson_BarryIt is my pleasure to welcome you to SAconnects, our new monthly multimedia magazine of the Salvation Army’s USA Eastern Territory.

Of course, SA refers to The Salvation Army, while the word Connects implies this publication is intended to link you, the reader, to everything you may want or need to know about our Army.

We will endeavor to be your go–to resource for all things Salvation Army, whether in print or online.

The Eastern Territory serves a broad constituency. We are a growing family in terms of our diversity.

For this reason you will note that SAConnects has content in Spanish, English, and Korean. This is done for the sake of economy and also to more closely integrate these three major language groups through one primary communication source.

Our website,, will contain enhanced feature articles as well as up–to–date information on territorial events and other relevant news items. Visit us online.

This month, our focus is on marriage. Perhaps no other institution is facing such public scrutiny as to its definition,
purpose, and relevancy.

We know what much of the world thinks about marriage, but what does God say about it? What is the testimony of Christian couples who represent different stages of life and love? We want to offer you something that will serve to strengthen your own marriage or perhaps be useful to you in knowing your own mind on this important matter.

Please join us on a regular basis. Also, we want to hear from you in terms of your opinions, suggestions, interests,
and preferences.

Thank you, and God bless you.

Commissioner Barry C. Swanson
Territorial Commander

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